Taking Care of Simple YOU

So you want to have it all, huh? And now that you have it all—career, family, relationship, community interests—you have lost the time or energy to take care of YOU. The tremendous amount of stress that rests upon your shoulders may even be causing you to not take care of your own health. The best way to ensure that your children, home, and job are given the best care is to take care of YOU.


Refuel and Regenerate

Taking time for yourself to do the small things that you love is necessary for you to refuel and find the energy to take care of all of the responsibilities that come with “having it all.” You may wonder how to make it happen. This can actually be accomplished in two simple steps.

  1. Recognize the importance of making yourself a priority.

  2. Schedule time for YOU.

​YOU need to take time to sit and enjoy a favorite song uninterrupted. YOU need time to read a chapter of a book. YOU need time to soak in the tub to relieve sore muscles. YOU need time for a much needed nap after a long night with a sick child. YOU need time to walk on a beach and feel the warmth of the sun on a crisp, spring morning and the rolling waves of a cool summer night. YOU need to schedule time for YOU.


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