Simple Truths to Live By

In order to simplify, de-stress, and begin to understand your own limitations as a human, it is important to consider the following:


  1. There are only 24 hours in each day. This is a constant, unchangeable fact of life.

  2. Social media posts and network television "reality shows" do not represent reality.

  3. You will never measure up to your neighbor, if you compare your weaknesses to her strengths.

  4. The beauty of human creation is that everyone is different. We are different shapes and sizes. We have different talents and struggles. But we are each one beautiful in our abilities to contribute—each one with a purpose and unique quality.

  5. Accidents will happen, life will not go exactly as planned, and the unexpected will become what is expected. Learn to laugh through the setbacks, find hope through the tears, and ultimately find joy in the journey.

  6. It is okay to say, “No.” Consider your priorities. Lending a hand or providing service will not be rewarding if it causes immense stress on you or your family.

  7. ​If you do have the time and resources, serving someone else in need will not only lighten another's load, but also bring joy and peace to you and your family.

  8. You have not failed as a parent if you fail to fit in a bedtime story every night. Remember the things that you do provide (and are really good at):

    • ​You provide food, clothing, and shelter.

    • You provide love and support.

    • You provide safety and security.