Finding Joy in Simple Service

Service provides an opportunity to look outside of yourself or your family and have a positive impact on your community. Service can be as simple as pulling the weeds from your neighbor’s flower garden, spending an hour each week helping your child’s teacher with copying, filing, or whatever else she needs, or volunteering at a local food bank or soup kitchen. The benefits of service not only improve the community in which you live, but also improve your own self-esteem and gratitude for the things you have. Your outlook on life becomes brighter, and your family reaps the rewards of a more joyful, accomplished, and content YOU.


How to Volunteer

If you aren’t sure where to begin or what opportunities may exist in your community, here are a few ideas to think about:

  • Local school

  • Local library

  • Food bank

  • Local hospital

  • Days for Girls is an organization that creates washable hygiene products to help girls in developing countries stay in school. You can donate materials, money, or your time to help sew and assemble kits.

  • Feed My Starving Children is non-profit organization that develops, packs, and distributes nutrient-packed food products for children in extremely impoverished areas around the world. Volunteers can help prepare and pack food for transport. This is a wonderful family, group, or troop activity!

  • JustServe is a service board where local agencies and charities post specific needs. Check it out to find service opportunities close to you. Easy peasy!