Kitchen Essentials

Simple tools the busy life demands!

Circulon Cookware
Durable non-stick cookware that lasts. You won't waste time with stuck-on food!


For meals that cook while you are away!

Pyrex Baking Dishes
Essential for quick oven meals.

Rolling Pin

Not just for pastries--works great to reduce cooking time on chicken breasts. Just roll it out!


Silicon Pastry Brush

Dishwasher-safe helps wash away the oils and marinades from your favorite grilling recipes!


Simple Eats

What's for dinner? Keep it simple. I have included some of my favorite recipes that don't take a lot of planning or preparation.

Crock Pot

Crock pot meals are great for those days when everyone is coming and going at different times. There is nothing better than to come home from a busy day to a home-cooked meal waiting for you. These recipes need about 15 minutes prep time and 3-8 hours in the crock.

Almost Home-made in 30 Minutes


These are simple recipes to replace the 6:00 pizza run on days when dinner has almost been forgotten.



Who doesn't love a cold salad on a hot summer day? Add some grilled chicken or cheese, and it can pass for a meal!



Check out our Simple Treats page for easy dessert ideas.

Simple Planning


How about two weeks of easy? I've included ten days of simple meal ideas with a shopping list to help you plan ahead.