Welcome to Simple Jane

How do we manage? Do we manage? or do we find ourselves overwhelmed and under-satisfied with our quality of life? Are we missing appointments or forgetting our children at school? Have we resorted to “squeaky wheel” parenting and crisis management? Are we failing to meet deadlines as we barely survive today, so we can't focus on tomorrow? Do we have trouble sleeping for fear that we have forgotten something important, or do we lie awake making mental lists for tomorrow?


Simple Jane aims to help you learn to simplify. She offers simple tips, tricks, and ideas to streamline the day to day, including simple meals, simple health, simple gifts, and the simple reality that we can't do it all. She hopes to provide support to help you achieve a more consistent level of sanity and focus on the things that matter most.


All of us participate in the rat race of life on some level. We have learned to multi-task and juggle, and we find ourselves tied to schedules, calendars, and careful planning. Gone are the days when the stay-at-home mom bakes bread and meets her friends for bridge club. She now organizes PTO events, volunteers in literacy programs, drives Johnny to soccer and karate, and drives Suzie to dance and piano lessons. The new “super mom” balances community involvement, laundry, family meals, grocery shopping, and children, all while running a business from her home or even in the professional workplace. Her male counterpart is no different. He spends 50-60 hours at the office each week, but he still manages to carve out time to coach Billy’s baseball team, manage church youth group activities once a week, and help with home maintenance and repair. He mows the lawn, changes the oil on the car, teaches Mary to drive, and even finds time to take his wife out to dinner once a week.